2009 Roosevelt Dime Mintages

2009 dimeThe 2009 Roosevelt Dime was struck for circulation at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. Several factors contributed to reduced production, resulting in the lowest overall mintage level since 1955.

The Roosevelt Dime was also struck in proof version at the San Francisco Mint in regular clad composition and special 90% silver composition. These proof Roosevelt Dimes have been less of a focus for collectors since mintage levels are at typical levels for these coins.

The first 2009-P Roosevelt Dimes were found in the channels of circulation in May 2010. The initial dimes were located in Texas, although they appeared in greater numbers in Puerto Rico in the following months. The first 2009-D Roosevelt Dimes did not appear until early 2010.

The mintage figures for the 2009 Roosevelt Dimes are shown below. These numbers represent the final production figures from the United States Mint.

2009-P Roosevelt Dime
2009-D Roosevelt Dime