2009 Roosevelt Dimes

The 2009 Roosevelt Dime has generated a great deal of attention due to the extremely low mintage levels for the circulation strike versions of the coin. The mintages have ended up being some of the lowest figures in decades.

2009 Roosevelt Dimes

As a result of the slower economy, there was a general slow down in the need for circulating coinage. Additionally, older coinage re-entered the system as people cashed in coin hoards to help make ends meet. These two factors reduced the number of coins that the Federal Reserve ordered from the United States Mint.

During 2009, the US Mint produced a relatively small number of dimes through the first several months of the year. Then they announced that production had officially ended for the year, although one more small production run would take place later on.

The total combined circulation production for the 2009 Roosevelt Dime was 146 million across the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities.

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